Our space space is filled with all of the beautiful gifts from our participants! Thank you all so much and we can’t wait for the gift wrapping party on Sunday the 19th!

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Participant of the week: Washington University Women’s Ultimate


1. Who are WUWU?

Washington University Women’s Ultimate, or WUWU, is a club sports organization comprised of two teams: Iron Horse and Locamotive. WUWU travels to various states and competes in 4-5 tournaments each semester. While the sport of ultimate frisbee brings us together, WUWU at its core is a fun, loving community of individuals dedicated to growing on and off the field.

2. Why did you choose to participate in the gift drive?

Everyone deserves gifts during the holiday season–we chose to participate in the gift drive this year and past years because it is a great way to come together as a team to help out the greater community of St. Louis in a simple, yet meaningful way.

3. Fun fact about WUWU:

WUWU’s unofficial motto is “two teams, one program.”

Gift wrappng party